1000-lb Sisters: Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: ‘Walkin’ on Eggshells’

Tammy’s Whirlwind Relationship Leaves the Family on Edge

Last week’s episode of 1000-lb Sisters revealed Tammy’s whirlwind romance following her successful weight-loss surgery. In the span of one episode, she went from girlfriend to fiancée. This week promises things are going to keep moving just as fast — with Tammy revealing plans to be married in two weeks.

1000-lb Sisters has covered an insane amount of ground this season and it’s certainly gearing up to end the season with the most drama in the past four years. The episode begins with Tammy breaking the news of her engagement to the family, and they’re rightfully incredulous at the marriage proposal coming after only a few weeks of dating.

“The new wears off,” Misty wisely remarks, adding that in two months Tammy might not even like Caleb anymore. But Tammy is intent on having her marriage before leaving rehab, citing that she wants her rehab family to be able to attend her wedding, and given their size and health conditions, it would be difficult for them to be in attendance if she waited and/or had the wedding elsewhere.

After a few weeks of Tammy taking center stage, the show shifts back temporarily to Chris’s journey to lose 50 more pounds and have skin removal surgery. Amy joins him at the gym, admitting that she’s hoping to have the surgery as well. The two commiserate over Tammy’s engagement, with Chris adding that Tammy really should have gotten the family’s approval before accepting.

When Amy reveals to Chris that Caleb checked himself into the rehab facility because he knew Tammy was there, Chris gets even more upset. The family decides to head up to the facility in Ohio and “bombard” Caleb with questions in a crash-course of getting to know him ahead of the wedding.

At the nursing home, Caleb feels nervous at the family’s arrival, but Tammy remains adamant that nothing will stop her from getting married. Tammy even asks Amy to be her Maid of Honor, ‘returning the favor’ that she did at Amy’s wedding. Amy is rightfully hesitant, citing her newborn son as well as how soon the approaching wedding is. Reluctantly, Amy agrees.

The family meets Caleb the day before the wedding, and they do their best to make things less awkward — but Caleb immediately sticks his foot in his mouth when seeing Amy’s children by asking Tammy what she will do when they have their own (before Tammy even introduces him to everyone!)

There have been many awkward and difficult moments on 1000-lb Sisters over the years, but this one takes the cake. Chris, who is usually easygoing and upbeat, is curt and to the point, trying to get as much information from Tammy and Caleb as possible. Chris asks Caleb to talk privately later, and Caleb agrees and gives the family time alone.

Amy brought along wedding dresses for Tammy to choose, since she was unable to leave the facility to look for her own. Jokes and laughter ensue, with the wedding dresses being labeled as different table cloths. “This is pure white, you don’t need this one because you’re no virgin,” Amy jokes. Tammy ends up like a flowy, ‘fairy dress.’ Tammy is happy with the dress — which has pockets! — and is also happy that there’s even room for her in it, thanks to how much weight she’s already lost from the surgery.

Meanwhile, Chris and Caleb sit down for a talk, with Chris worried about Caleb being able to be self-sufficient and provide for the family. “I do not want Caleb to hold her back,” Chris says, wanting Tammy to be able to live her best life.

The day of the wedding, the rest of the family arrives at the facility. They wonder how the two will consummate the marriage — with Chris throwing out the question that what if the wedding was rushed so quickly because Tammy became pregnant.

Next week brings the family together to ask Tammy if she’s pregnant, and Amanda and Misty bring the heat in a meeting with Caleb. Plus, tensions rise as the show teases Tammy getting cold feet when the ceremony starts.

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