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Ashnikko Premieres ‘You Make Me Sick!’ Song & Music Video

Dark Beats & Bass Push Ashnikko’s Sound Further Into Musical Madness

Ashnikko is back, with new music for the first time since 2021. Following the mainstream success of her debut mixtape Demidevil in 2020, Ashnikko released ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’ and ‘Maggots’ in 2021, experimenting with new sounds with ‘Panic Attacks’ being a heartfelt and emotional ballad — quite the melodic turn from her previous work — and ‘Maggots’ leading her music into a much more metal direction.

In 2023, Ashnikko is back and she’s taking the ‘Maggots’ route, with ‘You Make Me Sick!’ seeing the singer/rapper/songwriter getting darker than ever with both her sound and visuals. The track, released with its accompanying music video, is gritty and raw with dark beats and bass behind, with Ashnikko’s vocals being just as raw and visceral.

Lyrically, ‘You Make Me Sick!’ is right at home with Ashnikko’s other tracks but still manages to take things to a new, darker level. “Hello waitress, I want his head for dinner/ Silver plate it /Cut his tongue out first/ Let’s hear him go and try and say shit,” Ashnikko raps, with the rest of the song being just as graphic.

Ashnikko has never been an artist to fit inside the norm, constantly bending genres and being happy making music full of anime and video game references that finds influence from a wide-spanning array of artists before her. Listening to Demidevil in 2023 next to ‘You Make Me Sick!’ and ‘Maggots’, the mixtape may sound like bubblegum pop in comparison — but traces of this more fully realized Ashnikko have always been there. From the fearless lyrics that throw a middle finger to society and the patriarchy, going along with the status quo has never been on Ashnikko’s agenda, and ‘You Make Me Sick!’ makes certain that the straight/white/cis men will remain uncomfortable as she continues her ascent.

Watch ‘You Make Me Sick!’ above and download and stream it here.

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