CupcakKe puts haters in their place on new ’33rd’ music video

New video shows the heart behind the personality

CupcakKe is a force to be reckoned with, and you better believe she knows it. Her viral singles typically feature celebratory sexual lyrics, where the rapper makes no apologies for her healthy sexual appetite. What’s different about CupcakKe and the rest of the Top 40’s overly sexualized songs is that CupcakKe doesn’t skirt around her sexual references with innuendo. She’s blunt, some would say graphic, and her songs are not for everyone due to this. Those who love CupcakKe and understand her blending of sexuality and humor enjoy her music religiously. Those who are easily offended or can’t find humor in her lyrics will find that she’s just not their cup of tea.

It comes without a doubt that a plus-sized black woman singing openly and freely about things such as for her love of sex, supporting the LGBT community, and not being a skinny model type has drawn her some hatred from internet trolls. You won’t find CupcakKe crying about it though. Her Twitter feed is constantly full of her supporting her own fans — called Slurpers. She also makes a point to call them Legends, even tweeting that people follow her on Twitter, but everyone’s a leader. Even with all the negativity she faces, CupcakKe focuses on the positive, and her fanbase continues to grow thanks to it. She remains humble, despite multiple record deal offers from big labels, and is her own manager and books her own gigs. She hustles, and certainly is enjoying success, probably more so considering there’s not an out of touch label executive taking a cut of the profits.

CupcakKe’s latest album, Queen Elizabitch, featured a handful of sexually explicit songs (like her other albums before it.) This time around, though, CupcakKe is releasing videos for the more traditionally meaningful songs on her album. Songs like ‘Biggie Smalls’ celebrate accepting all body types, and the video features fan-submitted body positive videos. It’s a nice touch that shows CupcakKe is very in touch with her fans.

Her latest video for the track ’33rd’ takes her internet haters to task, opening with various screenshots of comments left on her videos that show just how vicious the internet can be. Nothing is off limits as commenters remark that she is ‘disgusting,’ ‘desperate’, an ‘ugly hoe,’ and a ‘slut bag.’ The rest of the video features CupcakKe rapping the track in different scenes, dressed rather conservatively when you take into account most of her videos feature little other than pasties on her nipples.

As I watched the video, one thing bothered me. Why was she focusing on the hate screenshots? She loves and appreciates her fans, and it seemed out of character for her to be focusing on the negativity. Of course, it’s as though CupcakKe herself can read my mind, and the song’s bridge featured positive comments from fans talking about how she has positively influenced their life. It was a nice read, and set the tone for the ’33rd’ video to be just as positive and loving as CupcakKe undoubtedly desired. Watch the video below and follow CupcakKe on Twitter.

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