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dumblonde – ‘tender green life’ Music Video

dumblonde, the new pop duo consisting of Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex from the now defunct Danity Kane released the third visual from their upcoming self-titled debut. The track is called ‘tender green life’, and while it is a progressive technical step for the band (this clip was directed by O’Day and written and edited with Bex), it’s just not as polished as their last two clips ‘White Lightning‘ and ‘dreamsicle‘. As much as I wanted to like the track, the high pitched ‘singing’ feels like Paris Hilton’s speaking voice, and the clip feels derivative of ‘dreamsicle’ – just without the fun and colorful scenes.

I hope Aubrey and Shannon continue to explore their artistic talents and have a hands on approach in their music. It’s refreshing to see them direct and edit their work. Nothing about ‘tender green life’ is particularly bad, but there’s nothing original, either. Here’s hoping as the girls get more confident in their abilities to edit and direct, they’ll take more risks. Whether the risks pay off or not is irrelevant, but it’ll surely be more entertaining.

You can pre-order dumblonde on iTunes.

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