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Johnnie Mikel – ‘Come With Me’ Music Video

Nightlife and fashion vibes make dance track a true bop

Johnnie Mikel realizes the importance of an artist’s first music video. “It’s such a sacred and vital part of an artist’s career,” he said. “It’s your first chance to introduce yourself and show people who you are through performance, fashion, and portrayal of the music.”

With the release of the music video for ‘Come With Me,’ Mikel makes a perfect first impression. The song is a perfect dancefloor track, full of energy and life. The video showcases Mikel’s fun nature, highlighting his energy in comparison to those around him. When everyone else is dull and uninterested in the world, Mikel is fired up and ready to dance.

A sleek color palette gives a very upscale vibe to the video, paired with beautiful fashion and art. Mikel has a vision for ‘Come With Me,’ and its execution is superb. This doesn’t come across as an artist’s debut music video, but rather that of a seasoned artist that’s in the groove. No doubt, Mikel is one to watch.

‘Come with Me’ is now available at digital retailers.

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