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Kesha’s ‘Learn To Let Go’ Music Video has a touching message for herself

Singer confronts her demons on new song from upcoming album ‘Rainbow’

We went a long time without new music from Kesha, and now she’s just spoiling us with new tracks. Anyone who had a hunch that Kesha has always been a crazy goofball has their suspicions confirmed with her new music video for ‘Learn To Let Go’ from the upcoming album Rainbow. Kesha watches home videos of herself growing up, confronts her demons, and learns to let it all go!

It’s an uplifting track, and it’s easy to see that the message of the song is aimed to herself just as much as it is for others. During the song’s video, Kesha watches her old home movies and reenacts them in a magical forest (because it’s not a Kesha video if there’s not some wonderful forest friends to do choreography with, is it?) Despite all she’s been through, Kesha remains positive and reconnects with her childhood self. She leaves the bad stuff that’s happened in the past, but isn’t afraid to remember the good times and smile on how far she’s come.

“Been a prisoner of the past, Had a bitterness when I looked back,” Kesha sings of her past outlook on life as the song opens. She’s made a drastic change by the song’s bridge with “I’m done reliving my bad decisions, I see now maybe there’s a reason […] Holding on to wasted time, Gotta learn to let go in life.”


The most infectious part of ‘Learn To Let Go’ is the chorus, which remains upbeat and has a real rocker vibe that one would expect from Kesha these days.

I think it’s time to practice what I preach
Exorcise the demons inside me
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go

All three songs that have been released ahead of Rainbow, ‘Praying,’ ‘Woman,’ and ‘Learn To Let Go’ have shown new sides to Kesha that she’s no longer afraid to hide. The real Kesha has come to light now, and it’s clear to see how much of a positive change it’s been. Kesha is reaping the rewards of learning to let go, and her fans are getting some of the best music she’s ever released. Easily, win-win.

Get ‘Learn To Let Go’ and pre-order Kesha’s upcoming album Rainbow here.

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