Laura Roy Debut EP Review

Canadian artist Laura Roy has released her debut eponymous EP, a delightful fusion of Pop and R&B. The six tracks on Laura Roy are a well-polished introduction to the singer as she beautifully mixes her powerful voice with 90’s synthpop production. From the very opening track, “Don’t Chase”, Roy’s R&B influences and pop crooning voice come together for a track that would be right at home on an Ariana Grande record – Roy even sounds a bit Grande. “Don’t Chase” (and the majority of Laura Roy) is rather cookie-cutter pop, especially lyrically, but the track’s swell to the chorus is absolutely divine and makes up for any formulaic feelings.

“Looking The Other Way” is Roy’s best track on the EP with brilliant lyrics that never feel old. It’s the type of song that must be blasted on your car stereo, cruising down the highway and enjoying life. Of all the wonderful music from new artists that I listen to, “Looking The Other Way” is the first song I’ve had on repeat since first listen – and it’s unlikely I’ll stop playing it anytime soon. The 90’s bop is an anthem of independence, as Roy lets her cloying ex know that she’s not interested. “You had it, then you lost it. Now you’re mad that I’m okay.” As she smoothly sings, her wonderfully snarky lyrics must cut that heartbreaker like a knife. Amazing.

Trippy synths harken to the girl groups of yesterday on “Bright Lights”. The track may not be the deepest lyrically, but the track sounds like something you’d expect from the time when Girls Aloud and The Saturdays were taking the UK by storm. Roy, interestingly, manages to carry this song solo; she doesn’t need four other girls filling out the song to give it a hearty, diverse sound.

The tempo slows down for “Full Moon”, an enjoyable love song that continues to walk the tightrope of genericness. Lyrics like “Feet on the ground, you’re my gravity” aren’t particularly fresh or inspiring, but the track still deserves a place on a Valentine’s Day playlist, even if it won’t be the main attraction.

More comparisons to Ariana Grande can be drawn from “Take Me Down”, as Roy oozes raw sexuality without being too explicit or erotic. The romantic song has an infectious and sizzling chorus as Roy seduces her lover. “Plastic” draws the EP to a close, continuing the sizzling sound from “Take Me Down”. “Plastic” is Laura Roy with her full R&B influences on display in the verses, with a wonderfully pop chorus to keep the track playing over and over in your head.

Overall, Laura Roy’s debut EP is a strong and well produced introduction for the singer/songwriter who has unlimited star potential. She’s the perfect pop package, but Roy’s real challenge will be to continue to push herself outside of the box. Laura Roy is an EP that is stunning and pure quality, but it’s not pushing any boundaries. It’s likely that by the time Roy has enough material for a full album, she’ll have a diverse array of polished perfection. Tracks like “Looking The Other Way” and “Plastic” make Laura Roy a memorable EP that is an enjoyable listen from start to finish.

Keep up with Laura Roy on her official website, Twitter and Facebook. Purchase Laura Roy on iTunes.

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