Listen: Be The Bear – ‘Mermaid’

Swedish Art-Pop aims to raise Mental Health Awareness

Swedish pop artist ‘Be The Bear’ aims to bring the magic of the classic story The Little Mermaid to life and raise awareness on mental health issues with her latest single, ‘Mermaid.’ The glittery, electric song’s lyrics narrate a mermaid’s struggle eloquently, making for a song that deals with serious issues like mental struggles in a way that is always light and airy, offering a friendly hug of support.

Christina Wehage, the artist behind the Be The Bear project, wrote the song for a friend who was going through a dark time with the hope that the song will help be one more step towards ending the taboo that surrounds mental health. “Take a breath, Lay your head in my hands,” Wehage sings, showcasing her vocal prowess on the track.

Dealing with internal struggles and learning to overcome them through love and music is something Wehage knows all about. The name ‘Be The Bear’ originated from Wehage’s childhood fear of bears — a fear so strong it gave her nightmares. Wehage adopted the totem of the wild bear, creating a powerful musical persona for herself. Similarly, ‘Mermaid’ is all about conquering fears and rising up to be the best version of yourself possible, and what better way to do that than with the gentle hand of someone who’s been there, done that?

Listen to ‘Mermaid’ below and follow Be the Bear on Facebook and Instagram.

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