Listen: Jordan Xidas – ‘Home’

Xidas gets nostalgic on heartfelt song to his parents

So many songs deal with love and other matters of the heart these days that it’s hard to remember other emotions exist. Thankfully, Jordan Xidas is here with a refreshing change of pace on the beautifully powerful track, ‘Home.’ An uplifting production supports Xidas’ melodic vocals creating a nostalgic track strong enough to make anyone remember the good old days of their childhood.

“Give me grace, All I am is a man, what a man of me you’ve made,” Xidas begins the track, adding “I’m just calling to say I love ya, I know that it’s been too long, and I’m too far, but in my heart I can’t way to come back home.” Instantly, ‘Home’ is a beautiful love letter to his parents, Xidas beautifully thanking them for making him the man he is today.

You don’t really realize how simple and wonderful life is as a child until you’re grown up, and ‘Home’ perfectly captures the experience of a man missing home, not just the physical location, but the time and feeling that comes along with it. Xidas’ voice stays hopeful and yearning throughout the entire track, his emotions almost tangible.

The only thing stronger than Xidas’ lyrics and delivery would have to be the song’s outro, featuring audio of his parents playing with him as a child, his mother laughing gleefully as the two play. The song swells to a close with his dad saying “Welcome home, Jordan. Welcome home.” I dare you not to get goosebumps.

Listen to ‘Home’ below and keep up with Jordan Xidas on his official website. Read his recent interview with POParazzi about creating music and breaking barriers as a gay artist here.

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