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Listen: Jordan Xidas – ‘Steam’

Jordan Xidas adds a scintillating new track into his repertoire with ‘Steam,’ out today. “I was hoping we could have some fun, let the shower run, and we’ll make…Steam.” The sound of a shower running starts the track off, and beats pulse on the chorus as Xidas confesses his ‘dirty mind’ throughout the track.

Xidas’ lyrics paint an exquisite picture, one that builds and grows with the track itself. It’s certainly a more mature departure from some of his older work, and it likewise feels at place with his more recent releases, ‘Martyr’ especially.

“Really wanted this to be in a 50 Shades movie but I’m too late,” Xidas confessed on Instagram, “Imagine an expensive video in [your] head.” If only we’d gotten this instead of the mundane track from Liam Payne & Rita Ora on 50 Shades Freed.

While time may not have worked out in favor of ‘Steam’ getting a hot and steamy high budget video, there’s no doubt that with a little bit of time and patience, Xidas will be pumping out more hits with great visuals in the future.

Listen to ‘Steam’ below. Find, stream and buy it on your favorite platforms here.

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