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Listen: Kim Petras Laments Love Lost on ‘Reminds Me’

It’s a shame she can’t listen to this song — it’s a banger.

When Kim Petras falls in love, she falls hard. That was plainly evident on her debut album, Clarity, arguably one of 2019’s best pop albums. Full of songs about heartbreak and its aftermath, Clarity was a vibrant debut for the pop singer, helping her cement her status as a pop princess. Petras aims to carry on a legacy of dance-worthy breakup tracks with her latest single, ‘Reminds Me,’ perfectly released ahead of Valentine’s Day for all those who aren’t necessarily feeling romantic come February 14.

“‘Reminds Me’ is an anti-Valentine’s Day breakup song. I wanted to make a song for myself and everyone else that might not be getting flowers or chocolates this year,” Petras told Apple Music. “Every time you think of a past relationship, listen to this and hang out with me instead.”

The resulting track is undeniably catchy, albeit a bit repetitive. The chorus rhymes “reminds me of you” with “reminds me of you” eight times (?!) but Petras’ relatable lyrics transcend the need for the song to follow a typical rhyming pattern. The song’s message is engaging and easy to empathize with, especially if you’re in Petras’ target demographic. In 2020, if you’re jamming out to Petras and other pop royalty, it’s likely there’s a couple songs on an old CD somewhere that are too emotional to listen to thanks to an old flame. “I can’t play that song ’cause it reminds me of you, I can’t watch that show ’cause it reminds me of you. I can’t even go there, it reminds me of you. I don’t wanna do that, it reminds me of you.” Repetitive, for sure, but it’s also succinctly put.

The song’s pre-chorus is honestly the best part of the song: “I don’t wanna cry/ Got my finger on the trigger, man, I’m thinking ’bout a homicide/ I feel like I can die/ Maybe if it was all over, I can have you in another life.” Petras sings the lyrics with such conviction and emotion. Her heartbreak is almost tangible, but thank the pop music gods she’s turned that heartache into music. If ‘Reminds Me’ is a song Petras can no longer listen to because of an ex, that’s a real shame — this song’s a total banger.

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