Listen: Kim Petras Releases Icy New Single ‘brrr’

Kim Petras released her latest single, ‘brrr’ following the success of her collaboration with Sam Smith on ‘Unholy.’ The new track, presumably from an upcoming album, is sonically quite different from her last offering, ‘If Jesus Was A Rockstar‘, with its country-rock vibes.

‘brrr’ feels more like what fans of her debut mixtape Clarity would expect, oozing with sexual tension and a driving beat. It feels very much like a Kim Petras track, with its catchy hook and unapologetic sexiness. Unlike the songs on Clarity however, ‘brrr’ feels a bit repetitive at times, even with its short 2:30 runtime. In a time where songs are getting shorter than ever, and there’s an industry focus on what will be the next viral track that can fit in the length of a TikTok video, quality is being sacrificed along the way, with ‘brrr’ feeling evident of that.

What will come next for Petras and her upcoming album remains to be seen, but hopefully she will find the right mix of the genius that was Clarity alongside the new, more tender side she showed us on ‘If Jesus Was A Rockstar.’ Unfortunately, ‘brrr’ just doesn’t quite hit the mark completely, but the industrial style and lyric content is still promising.

Stream & Download ‘brrr’ here and watch the lyric video below.

Written by Sam

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