Listen: Maggie Szabo – ‘Gold’ & ‘Smile’

Canadian native Maggie Szabo has been hard at work on music in Los Angeles. In between performing sold-out shows at the Viper Room and House of Blues, she’s released two new singles, ‘Gold’ and ‘Smile.’ One a story of love and the other heartbreak, Szabo uses the two tracks to show there’s a true range to her lyrical content, sound, and image.

‘Gold’ is an electrifying track with a dark, pulsating beat that feels much edgier and hard than the sweet, innocent image you’d expect from the single’s cover. Szabo has a raw voice, slightly reminiscent of Duffy. This is definitely one of those gem tracks that exceeds expectations, sort of a ‘don’t judge a song by its cover art,’ if you will.

‘Smile’ is a heartbreaking track about taking the time to love yourself after a breakup and learning to smile once again. Szabo paints a painful picture of a love gone sour and its after effects. With its subtle and effective production, ‘Smile’ is, ironically, one of those songs that can bring tears to your eyes and make you feel its raw emotion.

Keep up with Maggie Szabo on her official websiteTwitter and Facebook. Watch her music video for the track ‘Forgive and Forget’ below.

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