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Lyric Video: Noah Cyrus – ‘We Are’ feat. MØ

Deep lyrics contrast a hollow youth

Who would’ve expected Noah Cyrus to make a mainstream pop song that sounds like the shallow fodder on the radio but had deeper lyrics criticizing it all? Not me, that’s for sure. Her latest song, a collaboration with MØ, ends up doing just that — laughing at society’s shortcomings and proclaiming ‘We are fucked.’

From the song’s first verse, Cyrus is unafraid to call out her generation: “My life is great; I write then hit update / I turn you on / Wanna belong, so I go to the mall / And I buy it all.” MØ’s verse follows a similar approach: “The fame, the fame / I want to hear my name / And I don’t care what for.”

Perhaps the song’s best lyrics come at the bridge and outro. “We’ve got hearts in the right places, “Cyrus sings, “But we’re still a danger to ourselves.” Hearing such frank lyrics polarized by the song’s carefree and melodic production makes for quite a jam.

The only problem ‘We Are’ may run into is glorifying a meaningless existence…but that’s only because the song sounds so good, that surely nothing Cyrus and MØ sing about could be bad? This one’s a guaranteed hit…and hopefully listeners will take the lyrics to heart.

Listen to ‘We Are’ in the lyric video below. Stream and download the song here.

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Written by Sam Bennett

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