Music Video: Alexa Friedman – ‘Enraptured’

Alexa Friedman debuted a music video for her track ‘Enraptured’ recently, and the young pop star has delivered a apocalyptic steampunk dream. It’s really more than just a music video — more like a short film encompassed by the song. After an introductory scene, Friedman finds herself in the desert, and having a dance off that interestingly looks like it would be right at home in the world of Mad Max.

As for the song, Friedman sounds strong and confident on the chorus throughout and more soothing and timid on the verses. A highlight of the track comes towards the end, when Friedman is joined by rapper Hector Munoz. He adds a wild flair to the track, managing to sound like both Snoop Dogg and Sean Paul as the song reaches peak pace.

Watch the music video below.

Written by Sam

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