Music Video: Brit Daniels – ‘Shadows’

What a tune! Nashville singer-songwriter Brit Daniels has released the music video for her newest single, ‘Shadows.’ The song was inspired by the idea of missing someone and the dark feeling that takes over when old memories arise. The song’s video follows this idea, with a dark and smoky setting complementing the track. It’s a rather simple video, beautifully edited with a wonderful flow that lets the track shine.

Daniels’ voice is sweet as honey, and her pain can be felt on the song’s chorus. The song draws inspiration from the painful breakup a friend of Daniels’ experienced, as well as Daniels’ emotions losing her father during her freshman year in college.

Speaking of the song and its inspiration, Daniels says, “‘Shadows’ talks about the feelings you experience when you’re missing someone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the memories of that person come flooding back almost as if it’s haunting you in a way. I feel like this is something everyone goes through when they experience loss in any form, which is what led me to start writing ‘Shadows.'”

The song takes a mellow turn at the bridge, with the beat slowing down before the pumping and pulsing chorus returns for one last hurrah. Watch the video for ‘Shadows’ below, and add it to your collection on iTunes, and Spotify.

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