Music Video: Justina Valentine – ‘Sunlight’

A good music video adds something extra that takes the song to a new level. A great music video does all that and earns the artist new fans in the process. That’s just what Justina Valentine has done with her music video for ‘Sunlight.’

In the clip, Valentine parties, has fun on the beach, and puts on one hell of a show on tour. It truly looks like being at a Justina Valentine concert is one of the most high energy and fun places to be in the world. Even better? Valentine’s camaraderie with her fans. She poses for pictures, does silly poses, stage dives and beyond. She looks like one wild and badass chick that knows how to have fun and make her fans feel appreciated for supporting her.

This meshes perfectly with the vibe of the track, an upbeat number about living life to the fullest. Valentine varies her flow, from fast paced rapped verses to a more mellow, sung chorus.

Watch the music video below.

Written by Sam

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