Music Video: Kesha – ‘Woman’

Singer is reinvigorated and ready for action with celebratory anthem

Kesha is ready to quickly clear up any misconceptions about her upcoming album Rainbow after the release of the moving ballad ‘Praying.’ She says, “It’s important for me that people know that there are a lot of emotions on my new album Rainbow – but the wild fun energy that first inspired me to perform has not, and will never, go away.”

And boy, does ‘Woman’ prove her point. What a fun and utterly joyful track that’s full of Animal level craziness. Kesha’s voice is still able to shine, not stylized with autotune. Throughout the video, Kesha looks so happy and like a force to be reckoned with. She’s the woman in charge.

The song’s jazzy production fits in perfectly with the video’s running theme that seems to be reminiscent of Tarantino films, from the Kill Bill-esque opening scene with the car to the Death Proof-like bar where Kesha and friends go to cause trouble.

The song’s feminist lyrics are empowering, proving that Kesha can still have fun and make her point. Rainbow need not be full of moving, anthemic ballads like ‘Praying’ to instill its message. Kesha pays homage to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Woman’ with lyrics like ‘I buy my own things, I pay my own bills / These diamond rings, my automobiles.’

When it comes to creating a catchy chorus, Kesha nails it. While ‘Praying’ is a beautiful song with a chorus that moves you and gets stuck in your head, the chorus on ‘Woman’ will also be on your mind all day, thanks to its amazing energy and pure invigoration in which Kesha sings it.

The bridge is also a highlight, with its simplicity and utter catchiness. Kesha speaks to the song’s detractors, warning them: “I run this shit, baby.”

Speaking in an essay to Rolling Stone, Kesha said of the song’s creation, “I just really fucking love being a woman and I wanted an anthem for anyone else who wants to yell about being self-sufficient and strong.” Nailed it.

Watch the video for ‘Woman’ below and Pre-order Rainbow.

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