Music Video: Tinashe – ‘No Drama’ feat. Offset

Tinashe’s the boss, and she’s ready to go Joyriding

Tinashe’s latest single, ‘No Drama’ just got a dope music video full of dark drama and elegant fashion.

On the track, Tinashae sings about avoiding drama (obviously) as well as labels. “Said I’m fallin’ off, but they won’t JFK me / Tried to be myself, but they won’t AKA me,” she sings, elaborating that those who want to kill her off or fit her into a particular box or genre can get gone.

Throughout the entire song, Tinashe is full of energy — and the music video matches this. Tinashe dazzles in various levels of bedazzling that would leave the queens on Rupaul’s Drag Race shook. (But for real, Tinashe’s fashion and makeup throughout the entire video are on point. Slay.)

The only questionable drama surrounding the song would be the inclusion of Offset, whose recent use of the word ‘queer‘ in a verse has sparked controversy.

Despite that, Offset’s inclusion on the track is not out of place; he sounds intended for the track, his flow matches the song’s pace, and it’s an all around good feature that seems intended from the start, rather than thrown together to appeal to both artist’s fans.

Watch the music video for ‘No Drama’ below. The song is from Tinashe’s forthcoming Joyride, expected to be released later this year.

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