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Hello POParazzi readers! The past two months have been a whirlwind for more — mostly with a hectic college schedule that’s made updating the site have to go on the back burner. Here’s some of the best new tunes that have made their way into my inbox during this hiatus.

Anna Renee – “What You Seek”

Renee’s sultry production pairs lovely with her pop voice on this track about finding unexpected love. “What You Seek” blends genres and styles for a track that finds the up-and-coming pop star finding her niche. Learn more about Anna Renee at her official website and check out her latest music video for “Addicted to Heartbreak“.

Taylor Jahn – “Hide Away”

Unconditional love takes center stage on Taylor Jahn’s new track “Hide Away” which is currently offered as a free download on Jahn’s Soundcloud. A piano-driven ballad, “Hide Away” is a feel-good love song perfect for the winter months. Curl up under the covers with a cup of hot cocoa and let Jahn’s hauntingly passionate lyrics take you to a place full of warmth and love. For more on Taylor Jahn, visit his official website and Twitter.

Liz Loughrey – “Rise Up!”

The multiethnic influences that inspired the sound of Canadian singer/songwriter Liz Loughrey’s new track “Rise Up!” are on full display in the track’s music video. “Do you really want to live, before you die?” Loughrey coos in the song, inspiring listeners to be the change they want to see in the world. This isn’t the typical pop song about love, and Loughrey’s dedication to her message is apparent: she’s created the ‘Rise Up Workshops’ and has been visiting schools across the country to encourage youth to think outside the box and start making their own positive impact on their community. Download “Rise Up!” on iTunes.

Mariam – “Be There For Me”

South London’s Mariam released her debut single “Be There For Me”, and this jazzy soulful pop tune is one certain to be stuck in your head. Mariam’s creatively inventive lyrics on the track are a good indication that her Heart To Heart EP (released Nov. 4)  is full of similarly uplifting songs.

Teddy Edwards – “My Name”

There’s an impressive tone to Teddy Edwards’s voice on his debut single “My Name”, and it comes as no surprise that he’s been playing the piano since age four. This is a small taste of what to expect from Edwards’s forthcoming debut EP scheduled for a 2017 release. Speaking about his creative process, Edwards says, “My music reflects my reality. It’s a way for people to see who I really am.”

Even more music will be posted on the site in the coming days, including some great new albums and EP’s from truly talented artists that are ready to breakthrough. Stay tuned, and follow POParazzi on Twitter.

Written by Sam

Sam is the Managing Editor of POParazzi. He works primarily in Washington, DC. You can contact him at

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