Raising Cadence – Take Me Higher EP Review

Danceable groove that brings out the best in you

Raising Cadence, an Orlando based band with an alternative pop-rock vibe, is on the move again with their new EP Take Me Higher. It is said that, compared to their debut album, Take Me Higher more accurately captures the sound and essence they want to be known for, and after three years of writing and tweaking, these five songs embody the band’s members very well.

Take Me Higher‘s title track starts the EP off on a high. It has a jazzy, pop-rock feel that continues to build until the very end. They sing about being so engulfed in a person that they are all you see. “Take Me Higher” is so much fun; it is nearly impossible to keep from tapping your toes and moving your hips.

“Never Tell Me The Odds” is the more emotion-injected song on the EP, featuring some cool rock instrumentals. The chorus says “Tell me where to begin because I have no idea,” which is a feeling to which we can all relate. The song talks about the journey of looking for who’s with you and who you are. There are also some rap/rock elements, which is becoming a trend. This is the kind of song you shout/sing through tears – unless I’m the only person who does that.

The EP slows down even further with “After Tonight,” an absolutely amazing love song. There is more of that jazzy feel we heard in the beginning, but with a more prominent vocal track and some heart-warming tones. There are also some great instrumental moments.

The next track, “Fallen, Not Forgotten” is also a slow tempo song. The sleigh bells in the instrumental definitely trigger a Christmas vibe. This song makes you unconsciously sway with its perfect balance of production and vocals. The lyrics tell a story about someone changing and dealing with the inevitable distancing.

“Said and Done” ends the EP with the original jazzy vibes we got from its opening but with some rock elements thrown in for good measure. The chorus says “I can’t, I won’t, I will not deny the ones we lost.” This is a great song to end the EP. It has meaningful lyrics and passionate vocals.

Take Me Higher is an amazing album that will totally knock your socks off. You will experience every emotion right alongside Raising Cadence and emerge feeling the closest you ever will to five strangers. Buy Take Me Higher on iTunes.

Written by SeVohn Hunter

SeVohn Hunter is a staff writer for POParazzi, studying Journalism at West Virginia University - Potomac State. When she's not writing, she is usually dancing or listening to the same song on repeat! She loves R&B/Soul, but listens to almost every genre of music. You can find her on social media as sevohnalexis.

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