Recap: Dancing With The Stars – Season 25, Week Four

Most Memorable Year

This week on Dancing With The Stars we all cried like we do every season when Most Memorable Year night comes around.

Frankie Muniz started the night off with a story not many know. Frankie does not have a ‘most memorable year’ because he can’t remember them. His friends and family remind him of memories from his childhood and his acting days, but they are things he can’t recall. He says his only way of life is to live in the moment. Frankie and Witney dance a quickstep to a song that talks about feeling alive, but it did not entertain.

In 2012, Terrell Owens’ grandmother passed away. Terrell’s grandmother raised him as if he were her own. Terrell and Cheryl Viennese waltzed to “If I Don’t Have You,” and it was such a tearjerker like everyone expected. The judges all praised him for showing emotion throughout the dance.

Nikki Bella tells about how she went through surgery and her struggle to fight again. Her video package showed her working out with a neck brace on. In 2016, she was finally able to get back in the ring. Nikki and Artem danced a contemporary piece in a wrestling ring with silks. Their performance was very moving, and the judges were impressed with her silk work.

Nick Lachey shared he and his wife’s love story. He talked about the years he has known her and their journey to marriage. He cannot pick a certain year because all the years with her are memorable. Nick and Peta dance a contemporary piece that leaves his wife in tears, but does not impress the judges.

Lindsey Stirling talked about the close relationship she and her dad shared. Her father gave up his dream job of being a freelance writer and got a better job to pay for Lindsey’s violin lessons. In 2016, Lindsey’s dad was diagnosed with cancer and later passed away. Lindsey’s partner, Mark, dressed as her father, wearing his actual hat and scarf, performing a very heartwrenching Viennese waltz. Their dance was the first one of the night to make me cry because the story they told was so clear.

Derek Fisher’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer in her eyes at only 10 months old. When Derek’s football contract was up, he used his millions of dollars to save his daughter’s life, and she is now a happy and healthy girl. Derek and Sharna danced a jazz piece that did not score well with the judges.

Jordan Fisher’s grandparents took him from birth and cared for him. In 2005, Jordan’s grandparents officially adopted him. Jordan and Lindsay danced an absolutely beautiful contemporary piece. Their dance was hands-down the best dance of the season so far. Jordan looked more like a dancer than a star. Their performance left many in tears — including me. Jordan and Lindsay received the first tens of the season, and they 100% deserved it.

Sasha Pieterse said her most memorable year was 2016, the year she got engaged. The TV show Sasha was starring on was ending, and she was also gaining weight. She was becoming insecure when the tv show watchers started to comment on her appearance. Getting engaged got her back on her feet and feeling confident again. Although her story is heartwarming, Sasha and Gleb’s foxtrot did not portray her memory well.

Vanessa Lachey’s family is everything to her, and that’s why her most memorable year was 2017, the year she and Nick completed their family. Their rumba performance was not very entertaining and left them in the middle of the leaderboard.

Before Property Brothers, Drew Scott struggled with finding a career that suited him. He wanted to be an actor but couldn’t find a job and felt like a failure. In 2007, Drew’s twin brother told him about his idea for Property Brothers, and the rest is history. Drew and Emma performed a jive with his brother as a surprise guest. Their dance was fun and entertaining. Len said it was Drew’s best dance so far.

As we all know, Victoria Arlen spent many years of her life in a vegetative state. Although we’ve heard the story many times, her video package still pulled at the heartstrings. Victoria and Val danced a foxtrot that perfectly portrayed her story. Victoria even danced in her wheelchair.

Jordan/Lindsay 29                                                                                                                  Victoria/Val 27                                                                                                                      Lindsey/Mark 26                                                                                                                Frankie/Witney 24                                                                                                              Terrell/Cheryl 24                                                                                                                    Nikki/Artem 24                                                                                                                      Sasha/Gleb 24                                                                                                                    Vanessa/Maks 24                                                                                                                  Drew/Emma 24                                                                                                                    Derek/Sharna 23                                                                                                                        Nick/Peta 22

I do not agree with Victoria being ahead of Lindsey, although overall, Lindsey is ahead of Victoria. At the end of the night Derek/Sharna and Nick/Peta were in jeopardy and ultimately Derek and Sharna went home. Nick and Peta must be holding on by their votes because they have been toward the bottom of the leaderboard for the past three weeks. They need some serious improvement if they are planning on grabbing that Mirrorball.



Written by SeVohn Hunter

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