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Troye Sivan – ‘My My My!’ Music Video

First new single misses the mark

Troye Sivan has released the music video for the first single, ‘My My My!’ from his forthcoming sophomore album today.

With the success of his debut Blue Neighbourhood and its infectious singles like ‘Youth‘ and ‘Wild,’ this new track is quite different, while still managing to capture much of Sivan’s essence.

Sivan’s 2017 collaboration with Martin Garrix, ‘There For You‘ capitalized on Sivan’s lush and transcendent voice, pairing it with a club beat and making for a track that’s danceworthy. ‘My My My!’ feels largely forgettable in comparison.

The dark and gritty music video is largely to blame with its style that feels somewhat forced. Blue Neighborhood‘s ‘Heaven‘ saw a music video burning with sexuality and passion that felt natural. The awkward dancing and general moody-teenager-vibe in ‘My My My!’ just can’t compare.

Speaking with Zach Sang, Sivan talked about the creation of the song and others on the new album, noting that he’s becoming more comfortable making the music he’s always wanted to make. Even though ‘My My My!’ isn’t quite the stellar premiere, hope for the album remains.

There’s definitely some growing pains going on both sonically and visually, like when a Disney star breaks free and tries to push a dark, mature vibe as hard as possible. With that said, it’s still entirely possible that the new album will have its fair share of gems. ‘My My My!’ just isn’t one of them.

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