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Watch Dua Lipa’s Bizarre Music Video for ‘IDGAF’

There’s smooth editing and an empowering message, but the song’s essence is gone

Dua Lipa enters an intense battle with herself in the new music video for ‘IDGAF’ from her self-titled debut album. The good: ‘IDGAF’ is one of Dua Lipa‘s finest tracks, with a catchy chorus and upbeat tune. The bad: the music video drops all that energy, going for an edgy, artsy approach that just doesn’t fit the track’s style.

Dua Lipa is stunning and fashionable, without a doubt, but what’s up with the outfits in this video? As Blue-a Lipa and Red-a Lipa dance-battle it out, they do it in jarring oversized pantsuits. Backup dancers are in the same apparel, giving the video a uniform look.

Editing is well done and slick; both versions of Dua Lipa interact with each other seamlessly, flowing throughout the scenes and with the dancers as though there truly were two of them in the same room. On a technical level, the video is beautiful and empowering.

So where did it go wrong? It’s hard to really pinpoint other than to say the video does not match the nature of the song. ‘IDGAF’ is certainly a self-empowerment song about getting over an ex, but the video takes an intrinsic battle in its plot. The track’s drums and synths give an uplifting and lighthearted vibe — Lipa sings about leaving her ex in the past and moving on. In contrast, the video’s palette is a dreary blue, where even white scenes are overcast.

The song and its music video are perfect opposites. Both are fantastic — one carefree and joyous, the other moody and artistic. They’re just oil and water; rather than the video flowing with the song, it goes against it.

Watch the video for ‘IDGAF’ below.

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