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Watch: RIKA – ‘The Others’ Music Video

London’s RIKA is damn near pop perfection

It’s pretty safe to say that some of the best music comes from the United Kingdom. 17-year-old Londoner RIKA is using the British music she grew up listening to and making new magic. Her latest video for her new song, ‘The Others’ is a pop masterpiece reminiscent of both Girls Aloud and Cheryl’s solo work. It’s fun, flirty, and at times, campy.

The video is lively and colorful, featuring RIKA on the beach playing a game to find the perfect boy. (And props to the video’s editors for the hilarious moment when the crab moves its pincers to the beat.) From the nostalgic old-style video game, to the energetic dance scenes, RIKA nails it with this one.

Scenes on a white and pink background also pay homage to Cheryl — RIKA looks every bit a L’Oreal model. As the song progresses into a dark, overcast blue mood, lighting gets sultry and RIKA and her man barely miss each other. The video has a storyline, dancing crabs, and killer dance moves…what else could RIKA do?

The song itself is insanely catchy as RIKA sings to that special someone that they’re not like ‘the others.’ The video is pure British pop, but the sound fuses classic London sounds with more mainstream, American elements, a bit like Dua Lipa.

Watch the video for ‘The Others’ below (you won’t regret it.) Purchase the song here, and keep up with RIKA on her official website.

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