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Wÿnn’s got the vocal chops on her self-titled EP. Is that surprising? Not in the slightest bit. After working as an anthem singer at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Staples Center in LA, Wÿnn is more than ready to take the reigns and shine on her own. Her debut EP experiments with various sounds and vocal styles, and while it is less than perfect, it serves its purpose to showcase Wÿnn as a remarkable talent and a star on the rise.

Wÿnn’s EP begins with “Wanna Weekend”, a delightful synth-pop track about love and that Friday feeling. It’s very cookie-cutter pop; and considering Wÿnn’s 10+ year history as an anthem singer at Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center, there’s no doubt she navigated this track with ease. “Wanna Weekend” doesn’t shake up the pop music landscape, but it’s a damn good listen. What more could you ask for?

Next up is “WhŸ Don’t U Love Me?”, and with it, Wÿnn breaks the mold. A trance-inducing, slow beat will hypnotize you into Wÿnn’s world, and vocally the track explores her range with more breadth than before. It’s a less mainstream track, but “WhŸ Don’t U Love Me?” still shines as a track that lets you get to know Wÿnn as both a talented artist and a person.

A relaxed, snappy production takes the backseat while Wÿnn cruises through “What I Dare.” It’s a bit of a gloomy track with lyrics usch as “Stop / Don’t look me in the eyes / I’ll never trust your word / It’s only a disguise.” Lyrically, Wÿnn is struggling with acclimating to Los Angeles and chasing her dreams, knowing that its her destiny.

“Broken Deep” is another melancholy track, and it further reinforces Wÿnn’s sound as a hybrid of Lana Del Rey with some R&B flavor. The fact that this is Wÿnn’s debut makes these tracks even more remarkable; early Lana Del Rey tracks didn’t have quite the polish Wÿnn’s EP boasts. If Wÿnn were to take more risks vocally, however, the reward would be invaluable. The talent is obviously there, but it sometimes is hiding in the most obvious places. Ad-libbing and harmonies on “Broken Deep”‘s chorus show this plainly; had Wÿnn been unrestrained and pushed her vocal limits, the track would stand out.

Take “Run Into You”, the EP’s closing track. On the intro, Wÿnn’s vocals are wild and phenomenal. As Wÿnn sings on the track, “I love it.” There’s no doubt that as she continues to refine her sound and gains the confidence to take more risks, Wÿnn will be releasing music that’s infectious.

As a whole, Wÿnn’s debut EP is a cohesive release that introduces Wÿnn to new listeners. Is it perfect? Not quite. The best part of Wÿnn is its imperfections. The entire EP was crafted with love and an open mind. Wÿnn, as an artist, is still very young, growing, and changing. Wÿnn, as an EP, does the same thing, making Wÿnn one to watch.

Listen to Wÿnn’s EP below. Visit her official website, and keep up to date with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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