Ally Ryan talks success of ‘Wasted,’’s #NextWaveJuly

Pop singer’s debut is lighting up the app, and the Billboard charts

It’s no surprise that Ally Ryan bagged the #5 spot on Billboard’s Hot Singles with her track ‘Wasted.’ Her debut track is quite the summer bop. She talks with POParazzi about the success of the single, her musical influences, and about the song being #3 in’s finalists for #NextWaveJuly.

What inspired you to write ‘Wasted?’

The inspiration behind ‘Wasted’ was a toxic relationship that I was in not long before the song was born. The record is essentially about two people people who are in love but toxic for one another.

The song’s music video does a great job of showing how, when you’re in love, just being with your partner can be more fun and wild than any party. Was it as fun to shoot as it looks on screen?

Shooting the video was an absolute blast! Phil Lubin, who played my love interest in the video, was such a great time on set and made me feel extremely comfortable, which I think showed through in the final product!

What was it like when ‘Wasted’ debuted at #8 on the Billboard’s Hot Singles Chart?

It was incredible! Felt like I was being punked or something… [I] couldn’t believe it was real!

‘Wasted’ has enjoyed a lot of success on, too. Do you watch your fans’ videos? If so, is there a particular one that stood out for its originality to you?

I watch fan musicallys literally all the time! It’s the best feeling in the world watching someone sing along to your music. I actually watched one yesterday of someone who danced to the record and it was insanely good!

The song was even named #3 out of the Top 15 Finalists for’s #NextWaveJuly Competition. What would winning the competition mean to you?

Winning Next Wave would be incredible! Just the fact that I’m sitting at #3 is already insane! It’s up to the fans though, so I just hope they enjoy the record enough to keep making musicallys! Fingers crossed!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Chris Martin all day every day. Bon Iver, Prince, Sia… the list could go on.

‘Wasted’ is going to be on your upcoming EP, due out later this year. What can fans of ‘Wasted’ expect to hear when it comes to your other songs?

Fans can expect to hear more fun pop records as well as some slower more personal songs. I am excited to see how fans react to the new music!

What dreams do you have for your career in music?

I think my main dream is to be able to keep doing what I love! Making music has always been the dream, so as long as I’m doing it, I’m happy!

When you’re not working on your music career, what do you like to do for fun?

If I’m not working on music I’m usually with my friends hanging out or going on some type of crazy adventure!

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