EP Review: Megan Davies – ‘Bad Poetry’

Davies knocks it out of the park on enchanting debut EP

Megan Davies is a Youtube sensation with over a million subscribers and over 157 million views. She’s posted covers and mashups, but she’s decided to release original music as well, and her debut EP, Bad Poetry, features five whimsical tracks that introduce her in the recording industry. YouTube has always had a lot of talented uploaders, but there’s been few and far between that truly had the talent to go beyond covering the work of others and breakthrough into the mainstream. Luckily, Megan Davies has enough talent in her pinky finger to make some of today’s chart toppers looking lackluster.

On Bad Poetry‘s opening track, ‘Only Us,’ Davies sings about being enough for her lover, and the feeling of satisfaction of having a fulfilling relationship. It’s a peppy and upbeat track with a hook that drags you in, and both the production and Davie’s voice give off a wonderfully Taylor Swift-ish vibe, but with a more laid back approach than Swift’s recent releases.

‘Black and White’ confronts Davie’s fears of dealing with adulthood, and it’s certainly a relatable track, with a swelling chorus that hits right in the feels. “I’m never gonna be one thing, and I’m not making no apologies. Yeah, I’ll keep painting outside those lines, doesn’t have to be black and white.” Overall, it’s a phenomenal song, but the best part comes at the bridge, as the song truly reaches its climax and goes smashing into the chorus.

Davies gets more sultry and rhythmic on ‘Walk Away,’ letting anyone who has hurt her know she’s truly a boss. “I’m thinking for myself, you can take your clothes back, I’ll have the last when you turn around and walk away.” Burn! Like the songs before it, ‘Walk Away’ is catchy, toe tapping, and a pop masterpiece.

‘Black and White’ had a killer, uplifting bridge, and ‘Walk Away’ has an equally epic outro — as Davies goes in for the song’s final chorus, the production swiftly changes into an even livelier, almost Spanish sounding extravaganza. Simply put, amazing.

Davie’s penchant for unbelievably catchy choruses continues on ‘Blind Fools,’ and the track tackles her frustrations with life, from being judged by others, to having to pay college tuition, and the struggles she faces as a woman in the music industry. It’s a rousing anthem, calling all listeners into action, pushing them to be the best versions of themselves and avoiding all the lies society feeds to them.

The EP closes with its titular track, and ‘Bad Poetry’ finds Davie’s on a bad day, dealing with getting pulled over and her rent being late. She’s still optimistic, because she’s got love in her life.  Lyrics are reflective of a social media loving generation, “You back me up, when my Facebook feed makes me feel like I’m not enough.” The chorus is once again rousing, with Davies coming across as a positive and lovable person.

Overall, Bad Poetry is anything but bad poetry, with Davie’s debut EP featuring insanely catchy lyrics and beautiful production that leaves its mark. The only complaint with this EP? There’s not more than five songs! When Davies manages to find time in the studio for a full album, it’s sure to be a contender with the best of the best because her debut already manages to outclass some of the Top 40’s finest.

Listen to Bad Poetry here, and catch Megan on tour with Boyce Avenue this fall at the Fillmore in Silver Spring on Septemer 14th. Full tour dates are here.

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