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Gwen Stefani Reintroduces Herself in New Music Video

A Quick Refresher of eras past…

Does Gwen Stefani even age? If you told me she’d actually gone back in time for the self-cameos in her latest music video, I’d probably believe you at first glance. ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’ is Stefani’s latest music — the first in far too long — and with the music video for the track, Gwen took some time to pay homage to…well, herself, with some sweet throwbacks to eras past that are sure to have fans squealing. As someone who grew up with Gwen’s music (and found my love of pop music start with her ‘What You Waiting For?’ video), I know I was excited for this track and all it’s throwbacks.

Of course, there’s the ‘Hollaback Girl’ teases, from the iconic outfit to a lyric referencing bananas. (Side note: how do kids these days learn how to spell bananas, with ‘Hollaback Girl’ not on the charts?) Various other looks and symbols from Gwen’s past make up the video, including her Harajuku Girls and other questionable choices. Perhaps some of those choices should’ve stayed in the past.

Nods to current pop culture are abundant too though, with masks, hand sanitizer and teleconference calls making their way into the video. ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’ is a catchy, pop track — ie. what you’d come to expect from Stefani’s solo work. The problem lies in the fact that it is entirely a rehashing of her past, and it brings nothing new to the table. If the video is anything to go on, present day Gwen is a nightmarish diva as she complains of past Gwens taking her close up shot and demands more money for the video. While it’s great that she’s celebrating a long-spanning career, seeing more of what Gwen has to offer in 2021 and beyond is simply missing from this reintroduction.

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