Hope Vista – Prevail EP Review

12108751_885926068171209_1218165546763341238_n Hope Vista shared with her Twitter followers just two days ago that her last show would be early next year in February with Aaron Carter. After ten years of dedication to her music, she promises she’s not going anywhere – and even hints at coming back in a band or as a duo in the new year. With all this in mind, her November release of an EP titled Prevail shouldn’t be forgotten.

As soon as the EP begins with ’25 / 8′, it’s clear to see Vista has a skillful control over her voice. This isn’t your typical sugary-sweet pop EP (iTunes classifies it as ‘Alternative’, which is about right) and Vista rocks out on the EP, exploring dark topics with aplomb. The production on each track showcases Vista’s commitment to her vision as an artist; if you heard these songs on the radio, it’d be hard to distinguish that they weren’t manufactured under the scrutiny of multi-million dollar label executives that make their money formulating what sounds good.

While ’25 / 8′ opens with a bang, ‘Half Past Fine’ closes the EP on a high note — arguably the best song of the handful. Hope Vista describes herself as “the Dr. Pepper drinking, Backstreet Boys-loving power pop punk vocalist” and after listening to Prevail, it’s clear her music is authentic to who she wants to be as a person: fun, clever and catchy.

Prevail may be the end of an era as Hope Vista says goodbye to go on to other projects, but they’re certain to be bigger and better. She has talent and dedication in spades, and with ten years of practice under her belt it won’t be long until her star explodes on its continued ascendance.

Listen to Prevail on Apple Music and buy it on iTunes here. Keep up with Hope on Twitter, @HopeVista and Facebook.

Written by Sam

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