Injustice 2: Wonder Woman – Character Guide

The best moves, combos, abilities and gear for Wonder Woman

I am Diana of Themyscira!

Wonder Woman is a bonafide baddy in NetherRealm’s Injustice 2, working alongside a villainous Superman to rule the world. As a playable character, Wonder Woman is one for the patient, and is a character who can keep her foes at bay. She controls the space around her, making it hard for enemies to get up close. If an opponent can out-zone her and keep her out, Wonder Woman faces an uphill battle, but for those who perform in the midrange, Wonder Woman will show them who’s boss.

Combo Strategies

Use these moves with a quick startup time to segue into special moves and maximize as many high damage strings as you can. Wonder Woman tends to work better when she plays defensively, waiting for the opponent to make a misstep and punishing them for it. Her combo range is limited, but what she has is enough for her to work with.

This guide uses 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers to denote the moves. These translate on Xbox/PS4 to: 1 (X/Square,) 2 (Y/Triangle,) 3 (A/X,) and 4 (B/Circle.) It’s worth noting that 4 is also the button for your player’s unique character power.

  • 1,1 – A decent 12 frame startup that can easily be strung into Wonder Woman’s Lasso Grab (away, toward 1.) Good for when a person is rushing you. Otherwise, stick with the straight lasso grab to get them when they try to advance.
  • 2,2 – Wonder Woman’s 2,2 is the quickest startup of her combos. This can be quickly strung with her Shield Toss (away, toward 2.) Meter Burn the Shield Toss to briefly stun the opponent, allowing for follow up attacks.
  • Away 2, 3 – This is a good punisher for those who try to get too close. You can perform it while walking backwards. Wonder Woman’s lasso hits overhead with good range, and the 3 follows it up nicely.
  • Toward 2, 3 – This is a trickier combo to land, but if it pays off it can be strung with a Back 3 to bounce the opponent into the air, allowing for maximum damage. Take this one into practice mode and learn the spacing and execution of it.
  • Away 1, 1 – Like the 2,2 this has a quick startup and unlike the 2,2 it is much easier to string it with both the Lasso Grab or the Shield Toss. (The 2,2 strings most easily with Shield Toss.)
  • Down 1, 2 – This is good for when an opponent manages to slip past Wonder Woman’s defenses and gets close. It starts low, which means Wonder Woman can be blocking and waiting to begin the combo. String this with the Shield Toss Meter Burn to land a high damage combo.

Special Moves

Wonder Woman has limited combo starters because she has incredible range with her special moves that help her to control her space, allowing her to get as close to or far away from the opponent as she pleases. Don’t stray too far, though!

  • Lasso of Truth (Away, Toward 1) – Wonder Woman’s Lasso grabs the opponent. The range on this is unbelievable, and it does more damage than the Shield Toss when it isn’t meter burned. It will, however, throw the opponent back and finish what you started. It doesn’t allow for follow up attacks, but is very good for getting some distance between you and an opponent that wants to get too close.
  • Shield Toss (Away, Toward 2) – Wonder Woman throws her shield, hitting the opponent. Meter Burning allows for a return hit to strike, knocking the opponent forward and allowing for a quick followup string. A Back 3 here has a chance to be blocked and punished, but when it pays off, it’s nice. A safer followup to the Meter Burn is 1,1,3, which throws the opponent down, giving you a brief second to formulate your next move.
  • Amalthea Bash – (Away, Toward 3) – Wonder Woman charges forward with her shield at the opponent. Meter Burning will toss them back. Another good move to push the opponent to the space where Wonder Woman shines.
  • Air Shield Toss (Air, Away Toward 2) – Wonder Woman can toss her shield forward in the air. Meter burning allows a second strike, but with little chance to follow up. If you’re fighting an opponent who wants to control the air space, both this and the upward/downward shield toss are good strategies to keep them in check. You’ll have to practice their spacing to master them landing, though.
  • Upward Shield Toss (Down, Away 2) – An anti-air move, Wonder Woman throws her shield into the air. This, too, can be meter burned for a second strike. Perfect for catching opponents as they jump into an attack.
  • Air Downward Toss (Air, Down, Away 2) – Wonder Woman can toss her shield downwards while in the air, striking the opponent mid. Meter burning allows a second strike, but with little chance to follow up.
  • Upward Amalthea Bash (Down, Away 3) – A perfect wakeup, Wonder Woman rises into the air, hitting her opponent with her shield. Meter burning allows for a follow up, unblockable slam.

Playing Defense

Wonder Woman doesn’t have many ways to mix-up her attacks to confuse her opponent in comparison to other characters on the Injustice 2 roster. This means she should be played more defensively. Wait for your opponent to attack, and while they recover, punish them. Having a good knowledge of how your opponent’s attacks hit is key to being able to block and punish them.

Use Wonder Woman’s Lasso Grab & Shield Toss as a means to get your opponent where you want them, allowing you to head forward and attack further. The Lasso Grab throws them back and the Meter Burned Shield toss stuns them, allowing you to close the distance. To play as Wonder Woman, you’ll be more focused on the amount of space between the opponent and you and how to manipulate it to your advantage.

A general rule of thumb is that if an opponent is approaching too fast and is right in your face, a Meter Burned Shield Toss is the better approach. When they’re a decent distance and on the verge of being able to attack, the Lasso Grab will put them back to where they need to be.

Character Power

Wonder Woman’s Character Power is an interesting one. ‘For the Gods’ enables Wonder Woman to call upon the gods to give her boosts in battle. One of six random boosts will be given. In addition to this, Wonder Woman has different abilities that force her Character Power to just one boost. It takes the randomization out of it, but will require both ability slots.

  • Demeter’s Spirit – Wonder Woman takes reduced damage while active.
  • Artemis’ Strength – Boosts Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission, both in the duration of the buff and the power of its damage boost.
  • Athena’s Power – Buffs Wonder Woman’s shield based attacks. Her shield can also absorb projectiles while the buff is active.
  • Hestia’s Gift – Buffs Wonder Woman’s Lasso based attacks.
  • Hermes’ Blessing – Gives Wonder Woman the ability to dash forward and away while in the air.

The usefulness of Wonder Woman’s Character Power can be debated. For non-competitive play, she has more useful abilities than the ones that take the guesswork out of her Character Power. Nonetheless, even when it is random it still has good odds to enhance her ability to play. Demeter’s Spirit and Hermes’ Blessing are both useful in giving Wonder Woman the advantage at avoiding and reducing taking damage.


Wonder Woman has many abilities that alter how she plays in non-competitive modes. Each of the previously mentioned Character Power titles are also an ability that requires both ability slots and allots Wonder Woman’s character power to strictly the ability they are named after. Her other abilities are listed below.

  • Sword of Athena – Wonder Woman closes the distance and hits low with a slide. One of her best abilities that gives her an extra wakeup attack and distance closer against zoning characters. It replaces the regular Amalthea Bash, and will not transition characters when meter burned like the original Bash would.
  • Amalthea’s Protection – Wonder Woman is able to advance forward without being knocked back by attacks. Another good ability for getting in the right range with a zoner. Wonder Woman will still take damage while Amalthea’s Protection is active, although it can be meter burned to reduce her damage taken.
  • Air Amazon Slam – An air attack that sees Wonder Woman diving toward her opponent and hitting them overhead. A great ability to pair with Sword of Athena, giving Wonder Woman both overhead and low attacks. The Air Amazon Slam can be Meter Burned for a follow up attack that launches the opponent back, putting them at the distance you want them.
  • Lasso Spin – A great tool against opponents that are constantly in the air. Lasso Spin propels Wonder Woman forward into the air, spinning her lasso around her for protection. Lasso Spin is an interesting move, but it replaces Upward Amalthea Bash and isn’t good as a wakeup attack. You’re better off just leaving Upward Amalthea Bash as is.
  • Aegis of Zeus – Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission now serve as a parry, stunning the opponent when she absorbs their attack. For players who are predictable and can be reliably parried, Aegis of Zeus is decent, but most people have a play style that will leave this ability looking a little lackluster after it fails to parry a few times and Wonder Woman gets punished for it.


Wonder Woman is unique in the fact that she is the first character to have a gear set inspired by an on-screen interpretation of her. The Wonder Woman Movie set, Fabled Heroine of Themyscira, was available for a limited time and gave players an entire set with good boosts. The gear pieces are now available separately and randomly through gameplay.

Her Gear sets are listed below.

The Goddess of Truth

  • 2/5 Gain an additional 150 Strength.
  • 3/5 All Sword attacks inflict 25% more damage.
  • 5/5 Increases Lasso attack damage while Hestia’s Gift is active by 25%.

Themysciran Battle Armor

  • 2/4 Gain an additional 100 Defense.
  • 3/4 Gain an additional 150 Strength.
  • 4/4 Decreases block damage while Athena’s Power is active by 75%.

Fabled Heroine of Themyscira

  • 2/5 Gain an additional 100 Strength.
  • 3/5 Amalthea Bash Meter Burn can now trigger an Arena Transition.
  • 5/5 Gain an additional 200 Defense.

The Pride of Hephaestus

  • 2/2 10% chance for Wonder Woman to take no block damage from a blocked attack.

Aphrodite’s Flawless Garb

  • 2/3 Inflict 25% extra damage to Males.
  • 3/3 5% chance to gain a Regen Token for a Perfect Match.

Fabled Heroine of Themyscira (Wonder Woman Movie Gear Set)

  • 2/5 Gain an additional 100 Strength.
  • 3/5 Amalthea Bash Meter Burn can now trigger an Arena Transition.
  • 5/5 Gain an additional 200 Defense.


Wonder Woman’s Shaders are unlockable through gameplay and gear drops. There are two shaders: Flashpoint Princess and Flashpoint Princess (Alternate) that are available for purchase with source crystals. These two shaders will not drop during normal gameplay or through multiverses.


Wonder Woman is a character to be used strategically, and she is a good match against those who rely on being up close and personal to deliver their attacks. Wonder Woman meets her match in opponents with zoning capabilities, but she has enough built in defenses against them and can further bolster her ability to get where she needs to be through abilities like Sword of Athena. Wonder Woman can punish opponents who take a misstep, but the Injustice 2 version of the Princess of Themyscira is unlikely to be rushing into battle haphazardly. Play carefully to use her to her full advantage.


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