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Kerli’s ‘Savages’ Music Video is a Shadow Work of art

The Estonian artist keeps outdoing herself

When an artist is as inventive and daring as Kerli, it’s easy to wonder just how they will continue to top their latest work of art. This is especially true when artists are competing to top charts and get as many spins on the radio as possible, working hard to outdo their peers. Luckily for Kerli, she’s peerless — leaving her really only competing against herself. With her latest music video for ‘Savages’ from Shadow Works, Kerli manages to top her already impressive works of art.

It’s a breath of fresh air and always worth the wait to see just how Kerli manages to deliver on outdoing her previous music. Utopia brought a new sound from her previous Love is Dead, and a few years later she partnered with Visit Estonia to release stunning tracks and visuals that left Utopia in the water. Videos like ‘Feral Hearts‘ and ‘Diamond Hard‘ elevated Kerli’s aesthetic further and proved she is an artist who works better without the restraints of a label.

‘Savages’ is the first visual from her latest album, Shadow Works, (a review will follow shortly on the site!) In this new era for Kerli, things are getting darker and more twisted, but there’s that signature Kerli touch to everything about this song and its accompanying visual. No one is quite capable of creating such a vivid world in the span of a three minute song like her, with striking black and white monochromatic themed visuals giving rich contrasts; scenes where dark and light combine to ignite and really showcase the struggle Kerli sings about on the track.

This is an intricate and well thought out music video, to say the least, but it is still simplistic in its approach. Kerli’s real magic comes in her fashion and creations which are on full parade here (and, not surprisingly, Kerli is credited for costume design and styling, as well as set design.)

There’s so much that can be said about the ‘Savages’ music video, but it truly does speak for itself. Watch the visual below and enjoy Kerli at her best. Here’s looking forward to all that Shadow Works has in store for Kerli and the Moonchildren. I.L.U.

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