Laura Roy talks about her new song ‘Pitbull’ and debut EP

Last year, Laura Roy released a eponymous debut EP (you can read a review of it on the site,)  and the tracks on it have only gotten better with time. A lot of music gets sent to POParazzi in a week — most of it is amazingly good. The tracks on Laura Roy EP are so good that even a year later they’re heavily on repeat. It’s something about her smooth voice, 90’s rhythm, and relatable lyrics that make her music so captivating. With a new song, ‘Pitbull’ and some recent live shows under her belt, I spoke to Laura about what she’s been up to in the past year.

POParazzi: Hey Laura! You released your self-titled debut EP last year. What have you been up to since then?

Laura Roy: Since releasing the EP, I have been traveling, writing and playing shows! Lots of writing though, not only for myself but for other artists.

POParazzi: How was the creation of the song ‘Pitbull?’

Laura Roy: ‘Pitbull’ was actually a song [I] wrote about two years ago with a couple other writers in Toronto. I didn’t intend to use the song for myself, but after it got shopped around I was approached to keep my vocal on the track and be the featured artist on it. The song was produced and signed as a single with Reliant Music. It’s funny, because I have never met the producer of the song in real life, and the vocals on the song are actually my demo vocals that I originally cut when the song was first written!

POParazzi: Your self-titled EP, Laura Roy, was a very solid debut with 90’s R&B and synth-pop vibes. What helped shape your sound?

Laura Roy: Definitely my influences growing up. I am a 90’s baby, and I have a strong love for R&B and Hip-hop music, so naturally I draw a lot of influence from that era. I also like putting a new-wave spin on things as well so I think those two worlds came together to create the sound of the EP.

POParazzi: What’s your creative process like? Do you enjoy writing and working with others, or are your songs usually written by yourself?

Laura Roy: I write both by myself and with other writers. More often, the songs I write completely on my own are the songs I perform the most and [that] feel most authentic to me, but I also love the collaborat[ive] effort and hearing fresh ideas and perspectives from other writers. I work both as an artist and as a songwriter so it’s often split when I am writing depending if it’s something for my self [as an artist] or if I am just writing a song for [others]. It’s kind of two different mindsets. 

POParazzi: When did you first get into music? How has your sound evolved over time?

Laura Roy: I loved music from a very young age, but I started writing and singing more seriously around age 14. It’s been an evolution since then. I’ve become a much more experienced writer over that time period; I also studied music in college, so I grew a lot as a musician and a vocalist. I also have traveled a lot. All of those life experiences have shaped the way I write and my style. 

POParazzi: You’ve been doing some performances around Canada lately. What’s the best part about getting to perform live?

Laura Roy: I have mostly been performing solo in the past year which I love. Just myself and my guitar.. I love having complete control of what I am doing on stage, and I always feel like I have a more intimate connection with my fans when I perform that way. That’s how I started performing music, so I think I will always have a soft spot for doing acoustic shows like that. Much [of] my music has been produced in the past, and now I want fans to recognize that the more acoustic sound is also a big part of who I am as an artist. 

POParazzi: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Laura Roy: Haha, yes! It was called ‘Free.’ Typical emo thoughts of a 14-year-old girl wanting to break away from her little hometown and explore the world. I used to write a lot of poetry before I wrote music. I was very in touch with my emotions from a young age, and I always used creativity as an outlet.  

POParazzi: You’ve gone to songwriting camps with producers and writers that have worked with big names – from Ariana Grande to Lady Gaga. What have you learned from them?

Laura Roy: All of those camps have just added to my experience as a writer. Typically, you go into the studio, get paired with two writers whom you’ve just met. You write a song and demo it in that same day. It’s kind of crunch time writing style but its great practice. 

POParazzi: You have a pretty distinct style in your visuals. Does anything inspire your look?

Laura Roy: Everything about my branding, style, visuals is all me. I just try to be authentic to myself and what I like. I don’t overthink it. 

POParazzi: Who would you love to work with on a song?

Laura Roy: I would love to write with Ed Sheeran.

POParazzi: What is one part of the creation of your EP that you will never forget?

Laura Roy: We added some live instruments at the end process of the production, and I think it made a huge difference. It was awesome to hear live piano and live bass of some of the tracks. 

POParazzi: What is the one thing you hope listeners will understand about you or take away from your music after they listen to the EP?

Laura Roy: I just hope that they can relate, connect, jam or dance to any of it. Different songs speak to different people, but at the end of the day I just love when people can connect to the lyrics I am singing or feel some sort of emotion. 

Written by Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett is the creator and editor of POParazzi. He works primarily in Washington, DC. You can contact him at and visit his portfolio at

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