Listen: Ashnikko Premieres New Song ‘Worms’ from ‘WEEDKILLER’ Album

There’s No Doubt Ashnikko is here to stay

Ashnikko is coming in hot, riding the strong launch of her latest single ‘You Make Me Sick!‘ and its accompanying music video. (Check POParazzi’s review of the song here.) While ‘You Make Me Sick!’ built off of Ashnikko’s more recent releases like ‘Maggots’, she’s back today teasing a debut album WEEDKILLER and one of the tracks from it, titled ‘Worms.’

‘Worms’ feels like an entirely new sound for Ashnikko, one that fuses her unique perspective and playful, twisted lyrical imagery with a No Doubt style production and M.I.A.-esque vocal delivery. If there’s one thing Ashnikko refuses to do, it’s to be put into a box — and ‘Worms’ continues to diversify her repetoire.

Announcing the album and its accompanying tour, Ashnikko said on Instagram: “I can’t believe this is happening. My debut album is finally coming. Two years ago, I wrote a short story that has expanded to become this album. Since then, I’ve been pouring my heartblood into conceptualizing, myth-making, and lore-building with some of my closest friends and collaborators. Thank you for being here to step into my post-apocalyptic dystopian fae world. We always knew it would come to this, that I would be the one to eliminate you, WEEDKILLER!”

WEEDKILLER is available for pre-order now on Ashnikko’s official store, where proceeds from  benefit One Tree Planted foundation, whose goal is to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world. Listen to ‘Worms’ above and check out the WEEDKILLER tracklist below. The album is scheduled for a June 2nd 2023 release.


World Eater
You Make Me Sick!
Super Soaker feat. Daniela Lalita
Don’t Look At It
Moonlight Magic
Miss Nectarine
Chokehold Cherry Python
Want It All
Possession Of A Weapon
Dying Star feat. Ethel Cain


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