Listen: Gia Woods – ‘Feel It’

Having a crush on Gia Woods? We’re Feeling It.

With one listen to Gia Woods’ new single ‘Feel it,’ it’s easy to see why her name is often being included beside the words ‘breakout star’ and ‘game changing.’ The song is full of sultry vocals and a toe-tapping production that highlights Woods’ distinct style of ‘Queer Pop.’

While Woods may be making ‘Queer Pop,’ her art is aimed for the masses. A song full of creativity and diversity, ‘Feel It’ still checks the box for all the encompasses an enjoyable electro-pop dance record. What the song is about is what pushes boundaries from the mainstream and into Pride playlists.

‘Feel It’ intimately explores the feelings of infatuation that come with having a crush on another girl. But fret not — this isn’t bubblegum pandering that you’d find on a song like ‘I Kissed A Girl.’ 21-year-old Woods is queer and Persian, something that makes her experiences both unique and relatable.

“In my culture, people don’t come out to their families as quickly as I did,” Woods said. “They also typically don’t do music. The culture can be very closed off.” Her 2015 track ‘Only A Girl‘ was how her parents found out about her sexuality.

‘Feel It’ continues her proud charge of LGBT+ infused lyrics and continues forward, resulting in an out and proud banger. “To me, this is one of those perfect moments where the sound of the song sounds like the feeling in the lyrics,” Woods explained. “It’s slinky and seductive. It sort of creeps up on you.You can dance to it, but it’s not aggressive. It’s sensual and fun—just like the beginning of a heavy crush.”

Woods continues her plans to dominate 2019 with performances at Pride festivals around the country, including New Jersey Pride tomorrow, as well as pride festivals in Chicago and Charlotte late this summer.

Stream and Download ‘Feel It.’ Connect with Gia Woods on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

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