Listen: OYLS – ’10th Song’

Indie Electropop Duo have released a dreamy new single, “10th Song”. The band’s last single, “Maps”, hit #5 on the Spotify Viral Charts and surpassed over 500,000 listens in a month. If you’ve yet to discover OYLS, the duo is made up of David Kirshenbaum, a former corporate consultant, and Michael Lipp, a failed strip club DJ. Quite an unexpected partnership that matches OYLS’s quirky style.

One listen to “10th Song” shows why they’ve amassed such a cult following – the song is an underground trip that OYLS describes as a loose response to Bob Dylan’s “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”. Lipp, who was the lead songwriter, states “I had gotten really sucked into Dylan’s worldview for a moment—or maybe he was reflecting something within me that was bitter and pessimistic about the world. On Dylan’s song, he comes to the conclusion that shit sucks, and therefore there is no real point [in] anything.”

With “10th Song”, OYLS choose a different outlook to the cynic approach of Dylan. “Uncertainty is totally okay, and being vulnerable through that uncertainty is an option that Dylan forgets to explore,” Lipp says. The song, which was created, recorded and produced with a single microphone and a laptop, shows an inventiveness and drive that is sure to spark a passion to their continuously growing brand of loyal followers.

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