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Music Video: Ava Max – ‘So Am I’

Ava’s heartfelt message shines through on track’s music video

Few artists have burst onto the scene with such aplomb as Ava Max. Comparisons to Lady Gaga are obvious — she’s blonde, beautiful, and releasing fun and fresh music that is slowly but surely taking over. When it comes to her most recent release, ‘So Am I’ manages to have a heartfelt message of purity, even if it feels a little shallow coming from the seemingly perfect popstar.

Ava croons in her beautifully soulful voice, and just like that, any quips I have with the song’s word choices go out the window. Does it seem a little naive to tell people “It’s okay to be different, ‘cuz baby so am I?” Sure. With that said, ‘So Am I’ isn’t trying to be some deeply meaningful song about being bullied or overcoming discrimination. It’s just a song about celebrating the fact that everyone’s different and a little weird.

In that regard, ‘So Am I’ ticks all the boxes for a perfect pop song. It makes its top priority being fresh and fun. It’s catchy, and there’s a positive and uplifting message. Is it insanely deep and profound? Does it really need to be?

As a follow up to the insanely catchy ‘Sweet But Psycho,’ ‘So Am I’ manages to let audiences know there’s variety and depth to Ava Max. She’s not quite at Lady Gaga’s level (yet) but ‘So Am I’ does its job in letting everyone know she’s no one hit wonder and she’s not going anywhere.


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