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Pick Yourself Up Playlist

Life can get you down, and sometimes it’s harder than others to get back up again. Whether you’re struggling with self-esteem, a breakup, or life in general, these songs were designed to get your focus back on what matters: yourself. No more feeling blue – turn your speakers up and embrace all that life’s thrown at you. It’s just making you a tougher, wiser person in the end.

1. Mary J. Blige – ‘Just Fine’

“So I like what I see when I’m looking at me, When I’m walking past the mirror,” – This 2007 track from Mary J. Blige’s Growing Pains is as optimistic and uplifting as it was the day it came out. Put it on repeat and enjoy your new mantra.

2. Britney Spears – ‘Stronger’

No empowering playlist would be complete without Britney’s ‘Stronger’. Does this one need an explanation?

3. Shakira – ‘She Wolf’

Let your confidence shine from within and unleash your ‘She Wolf’ with Shakira’s sizzling track.

4. Iggy Azalea – ‘Team’

Iggy Azalea flaunts her freedom and independence from others keeping her down on ‘Team’.

5. Kylie Minogue – ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’

Pop diva Kylie Minogue was about to cancel her plans to sit around and mope – but life is just so marvelous she couldn’t help herself from enjoying it. Speaking of the video herself, Kylie recalls: “This video is an abstract look at pedestrian life and how we’re all just trying to get through and rise above everyday challenges. Although the song talks about a real life event that happened the day I recorded the song with Pharrell, the video has a more conceptual approach and I love how surreal it looks. I found myself almost directing traffic and it made me think about how we’re all just trying to negotiate our way through day to day life.”

6. RuPaul – ‘Sissy That Walk’

No one quite knows how to turn lemons into lemonade like a drag queen, and RuPaul’s ‘Sissy That Walk’ serves as a fitting anthem to taking names some people may use against you disparagingly and owning them. Fierce!

7. Sugababes – ‘No Can Do’

British super-band Sugababes have had it with worthless, noncommittal men and take back their lives in the steamy video for ‘No Can Do’.

8. Marina And The Diamonds – ‘Oh No!’

Marina and the Diamonds isn’t looking for love, friends, money or anything so shallow. She’s looking for a change, and she’s sticking hard to her beliefs. Let Marina’s confidence and ability to embrace the uncertainties in life sink in.

9. Destiny’s Child – ‘Independent Women, Part 1’

Destiny’s Child’s ode to female empowerment is anthemic and speaks for itself to all independent ladies.

10. Cheryl – ‘I Don’t Care’

Girls Aloud’s Cheryl could be moping around over love lost, but instead she’s ready to seize the day. Why? She doesn’t care.

Written by Sam

Sam is the Managing Editor of POParazzi. He works primarily in Washington, DC. You can contact him at

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