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Pop-R&B Artist Amy Cohen Releases Acoustic Version of “Lose My Mind”

Los Angeles Songstress Pens Sensuous Single About Sexual Liberation

One of pop-R&B’s emerging artists, Amy Cohen, displays how graceful and talented she is with the release of the acoustic version of “Lose My Mind” from her debut EP, Direction. Cohen’s ability to narrate a story that details elements of the human condition is a testament to her skill as a songwriter. “Lose My Mind,” is an exploration of unadulterated sensuality wherein Cohen discovers some of the most intimate parts of her being. The single is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide.

“Lose My Mind” gives you a vivid glimpse into Amy Cohen’s personal journey of growth and self-awareness. The track serves as a demonstration of her vocal as well as her lyrical prowess. From start to finish, the connection that Cohen forms is a mellow and soothing crescendo of passion. “Lose My Mind” is a powerful track that maps out Cohen’s own sexual liberation and confidence. As Cohen stated, “Over the past year, I’ve really grown into myself” and this song clearly shows that sentiment. In her growth, she has established her unique and authentic self; in addition to her eagerness to show the world what she’s capable of.  Cohen’s consoling vocals and tone bring out all of the alleviating instruments that accompany her on this track. With production by Cameron “Cambo” Bartolini, “Lose My Mind” serves as an anthem of self-assurance in one’s sensuality.

Amy Cohen has always looked to music to make sense of herself and the world. “I’ve been singing and songwriting for as long as I can remember,” she explains. “I know everyone says it, but it’s really the one thing I always knew I would do. I guess I started to take it seriously around my second year at Boston University when I was at a low point in my life, and writing was really the only effective way to handle it.” With a vibrant energy and unstoppable ambition, Cohen took her passion to Los Angeles. Open lyrics and a compelling voice form only the foundation of all that is the warm, magnetic singer-songwriter. Her ostensive authenticity directly translates into her writing, as honest lyrics remind every listener the human condition is both fallible and phenomenal.

The acoustic version of “Lose My Mind” is now available to stream and download.You can keep up with Amy Cohen’s journey at

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