Recap: Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3 – ‘The Queen’s Justice’

Warning: This recap contains spoilers

This week’s episode starts off with the King in the North, Jon Snow, arriving at Dragonstone to meet Queen Daenerys to discuss an allegiance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go as well as you’d think. Jon doesn’t seem to have any interest in bending his knee to the self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, despite her mentioning a centuries old pact made between House Stark and House Targaryen.

Jon reveals that his reasoning for meeting is that they both needed each other, and while he explains the very real threat of the Army of the Dead, Daenerys and her allies are hesitant to believe him. After all, Daenerys has never met Jon, and relied solely on the review of character Tyrion provided for the Stark bastard. As tensions rise, Jon and Ser Davos are escorted elsewhere while Lord Varys discusses with the Queen a matter of grave importance: Euron Greyjoy has captured Dornish and Ironborn allies.

Meanwhile, Euron parades his captives through King’s Landing, leaving them to the mercy of the crowds before the group enters the Red Keep. Cersei is pleased, and despite bickering between Jaime Lannister and Euron, she announces that Euron will get what he desires (her hand in marriage) after the war has been won. Though with Cersei’s track record, it wouldn’t be surprising for Euron to find himself in the ground before the war is truly over.

Ellaria Sand and her daughter find themselves chained and gagged in a cell with Cersei and The Mountain standing over them. Cersei provides a taunting monologue about how The Mountain murdered Ellaria’s husband and of Cersei’s fury for her daughter’s murder at the hands of Ellaria.

Of course, Cersei tells Ellaria she would never truly understand until her children were taken from her, and in a sort of poetic justice, Cersei kisses Ellaria’s daughter Tyene, poisoning her in the same way Ellaria poisoned Cersei’s daughter Myrcella with a toxin named The Long Farewell. Before leaving, Cersei tells Ellaria that she will spend forever in that cell, watching her daughter die and rot before her eyes.

Cersei and her brother Jaime engage in some nasty activities, and in the morning, Cersei proclaims that she is the Queen, and she doesn’t have to hide anything, letting her servants see her brother lying naked in her bed. Then, a visitor from the Iron Banks of Braavos pays Cersei a visit, discussing the debt that her family owes. Of course, Cersei responds with the obvious answer:

A Lannister always pays their debts.

Back at Dragonstone, Tyrion tries to smooth over the tension between Queen Daenerys and Jon Snow. Jon states his desire for the dragonglass, and Tyrion advises Daenerys to let him have it, considering it means very little to them. Tyrion believes that this will hopefully be a kind enough gesture to keep Jon as a potential ally, and that eventually, he would bend the knee to Daenerys. The two talk things out and both remain adamant on their words. Daenerys won’t let Cersei stay on the Iron Throne, and she still believes that the North is a part of the kingdoms she will eventually rule. The two agree to disagree as Daenerys allows Jon Snow to mine the dragonglass, offering men to provide resources and assistance if needed. She still doesn’t seem to believe him about the Army of the Dead though.

And back in the North, Sansa Stark seems to be running things smoothly. She’s taking care of supplying food and shelter to those in the North, and even ensuring that her army’s breastplates are coated with leather to keep them warm in the coming winter. She’s greeted with a familiar face after far too long when she sees her brother, Bran Stark, being transported on a cart into Winterfell. The two share a heartfelt reunion and spend some time together at the Heart Tree. Bran states that he needs to talk with Jon, and shares his status as the Three Eyed Raven with his sister, who doesn’t seem to understand it at all and Bran doesn’t seem to explain it well enough to her.

In the Citadel, Sam seems to have cured Ser Jorah’s affliction, much to the Grandmaester’s confusion. After deeming Jorah cured, Sam and the Grandmaester have a word in private. While Sam’s actions could have endangered himself and others, the Grandmaester is impressed. Sam is rewarded by not being immediately expelled from the Citadel for his actions, and resumes his tiresome work for the maesters.

With the destruction of the Iron Fleet on Daenerys’ side, the Mother of Dragons is interested in using her dragons to destroy Euron Greyjoy and his portion of the Iron Fleet. Her council deems it too dangerous for her to go along, because if something were to happen to her, the entirety of her army and allies would fall apart. She is simply too valuable to be doing such dangerous things. As they discuss what to do with Euron, the Unsullied storm Casterly Rock and quickly dominate their forces. When the battle is won, they notice that a large chunk of the Lannister’s army is missing.

That portion of the Lannister Army storms Highgarden, taking out their army and sacrificing Casterly Rock in the process. Lady Olenna isn’t surprised, considering her army didn’t consist of the best fighters. Highgarden has been known for its beauty and prosperity, but the Golden Rose lacked powerful thorns. Jaime Lannister has a final sit-down with Lady Olenna. Olenna criticizes his relationship with his sister, despite Jaime bringing Olenna’s demise in the form of poison rather than torture like Cersei wanted.

After taking the poison peacefully, Lady Olenna mocks Jaime on the loss of his son, Joffrey. She speaks in great detail his demise, and states that such a violent poison was never her intention. In saying this, she reveals that she was behind King Joffrey’s murder, and states that she wants him to tell Cersei. She wants Cersei to know that she was the one who killed her son. Of course, can you blame her? Joffrey was a monster.

The episode ends on that note, but already the drama in Westeros is spicing this season up. Game of Thrones airs every sunday at 9pm EST. If you miss it or you’re just interested in a recap, tune in next week for a recap of season seven’s fourth episode! And check out recaps of episode one and episode two.

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