Recap: Raven’s Home – Season One, Episode Five ‘You’re Gonna Get It’

Series falls into its regular format with another predictable episode

In this week’s Raven’s Home, Nia wears Raven’s makeup to school and attracts the attention of cool eighth graders. Raven must confront the fact that she lied to her boss about her kids, claiming that Booker and Nia were actually the names of her puppies. Booker and Levi deal with dodgeball at school.

This episode follows the same format as many of the past week’s episodes of the show, which is one of the reasons why this will be the last week Poparazzi covers Raven’s Home with recaps. ‘You’re Gonna Get It’ begins with Raven catching Nia and Tess wearing makeup and forbidding it to happen again. Naturally, Nia doesn’t listen, and ends up finding herself in more trouble because of it.

When her makeup skills gets her attention from a popular eighth grader, the two become friends and things soon snowball to the point where there’s an eighth grade party going on at the rooftop of Raven’s apartment. Raven isn’t around to catch the party right off the bat though, because she and Chelsea are busy finding two dogs to pass off as her own because Raven convinced her boss Booker and Nia were her dogs in order to help secure her job as a fashion designer for dogs. (It’s as convoluted as it sounds.)

Booker and Levi’s subplot takes place at their elementary school, where Levi is afraid to go to gym class because he is always picked last for dodgeball. Booker has a vision and tries to help him but (shockingly) the vision backfires as well, and it ends up being Booker who nearly has to wipe Levi out in the game. Of course this doesn’t happen and everyone is better friends in the end.

At the end of the episode, Raven catches Nia and throws everyone out of the building. She then has a heartfelt talk with Nia about why makeup is unnecessary at her age and how it is her job as a mother to remind her daughter that her beauty comes from within. It’s a touching moment, and something that the series continually manages to get right. It’s just a shame that the other fifteen minutes of the show seem to be recycled every episode, but with characters paired up differently or in a different setting. Raven’s Home doesn’t develop its characters, and weeks later from the series premiere, seems like it doesn’t care to, either.

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