Reverse Order – Nothing To Hide EP Review

Alternative band Reverse Order have released a new EP, Nothing To Hide. Produced by Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, 3OH3!, All Time Low) and Steve Tippeconnic (Shawn Mendes), Nothing to Hide showcases the band’s talent at creating catchy, upbeat and enjoyable songs. The band was founded in 2008 by brothers John and Cruise Russo, and Andrew Katsock joined the group in 2010. They’ve built quite an impressive resume having opened for Third Eye Blind and Avril Lavigne and performed at the Vans Warped Tour.

Currently, Reverse Order are on tour around the country as part of their ‘Reverse The Trend’ anti-bullying initiative. Visiting schools around the country, the boys are able to combat bullying with their music, relatable stories, and helping students focus on positivity. Pretty admirable stuff for a band on the rise; every aspiring star will naturally talk about being against bullying, but it’s rare to find artists that put their money where their mouth is and make a concerted effort (pun slightly intended) to make a difference.

Listen to Nothing to Hide below and connect with Reverse Order at, Twitter @ReverseOrder, Facebook, and Youtube. You can purchase Nothing to Hide on iTunes here.

1. “Erase You”

Pensive over losing love, Reverse Order are looking to just erase and rewind. Matt Squire’s production is infectious, and the lyrics are sincerely relatable. “Did I do something wrong when I gave you the world? Did you just move on and forget what we were?”

2. “Call My Name”

“Call My Name” features a darker, more punk beat paired with more uplifting lyrics than the wistful “Erase You”. It’s obvious that working with the same producers as artists like Panic! At The Disco and Good Charlotte is a big deal for Reverse Order – the pop/punk influences are apparent, and Reverse Order has a newfound charm; as they still find their sound and footing, their exuberance and dedication to their craft is palpable.

3. “Let You Go”

The third and final track on the EP is short and sweet. While all three songs are enjoyable, this is arguably the best. Compared to “Erase You”, “Let You Go” is more raw and real. Once again, the boys are trying to get over heartbreak – and the darker, raw approach works best. “Let You Go” manages to be both heartfelt and sad, but also uplifting and positive.

Reverse Order is a band with a lot of heart and drive, and they’re using their talents to inspire a change in the world. Music is powerful – and they realize this. Add Nothing To Hide to your music collection and keep an eye on these three so you can brag you “listened to them back when” when they’re headlining major venues around the world.

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