Second Alibi – ‘Ignite’

Second Alibi are a new pop duo consisting of Adam Mardel and Kody Goens. They recently sent us an advanced listen to their soon-to-be-released debut single ‘Ignite’ to review. Below is a snippet you can preview to hear a bit of the song for yourself.

The great thing about the Internet age is that new artists can reach potential fans much more easily, and new content is so readily available that people can quickly form an opinion of their own. A group like Second Alibi are a great example of an act that can (and should) take advantage of the Internet’s accessibility to music that, for some reason or another, isn’t mainstream. The duo list their style as ‘Pop, RnB, and Electronic/Dance’ – and judging solely on ‘Ignite’, they lean more towards the Electronic/Dance with a dash of pop.

Second Alibi don’t fit into a mainstream mold of any sorts – the closest act that come to mind to compare them to would be the underrated gem of a band Dangerous Muse (with a bit of tweaking to their sound.) Second Alibi are just getting started, and (for now) their music won’t rival other male acts like Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber, mainly because the latter acts have access to cutting edge producers and equipment that only being partnered with a major record label could afford. However, there is an apparent passion to Second Alibi’s craft and their desire to hone it that rivals more established acts. With a little bit of luck, this can take them very far.

Back to ‘Ignite’ – after a few listens and giving it some time to sink in, I think there is a lot the song has going for it, but it could have been better with some changes. ‘Ignite’ could tear up a dance floor, and try as you might the lyrics will not leave your head for a good while (it’s three days later and the chorus is stuck on mental repeat.) With that said, the track still feels somewhat unfinished, most noticeably when it comes to how the vocals are layered onto the track. The song suffers from this predominantly at the very beginning when the lyrics first begin and start off discordant to the beat. The chorus (which is in the snippet above), is much more polished and comes together. In addition, the lyrics are well written as is, but the song comes in at an almost cookie-cutter mark of 3:34 – and towards the end of the track things begin to feel slightly repetitive.

Second Alibi shouldn’t be discredited or judged too prematurely, though. To compare their one song against the highest echelons of today’s Top 40 wouldn’t be fair in the slightest. Some of the artists I enjoy the most – and who have achieved great success — all got their start by working on some tracks that would pale in comparison to their work today. Lady Gaga’s track ‘Shake Your Kitty’, and Marina and the Diamonds’ Mermaid vs Sailor EP spring to mind. With some time, Second Alibi could find their footing and achieve their dreams.

‘Ignite’ is a good first step for Second Alibi with its catchy lyrics and beat. Most crucial to the equation for their success will be dedication. With enough dedication and vigilance to perfecting their work, they’ll be on their way to establishing a devoted following. ‘Ignite’ will be released on August 4th, and you can pre-order it here. To learn more about Second Alibi, check out their website

Written by Sam

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