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Watch: Lily Allen – Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs) Music Video

Allen confronts her addictions in new song

It’s about time Lily Allen came back into the music world with some fresh new tunes. Her latest release finds her teaming up with South London rapper Giggs for a song that goes deeper than its title. From the song’s name alone, it seems like a rather shallow mainstream tune — but that’s never been Lily’s game, and this song is no exception.

On the pre-chorus Allen sings: “It fuels my addictions/  Hanging out in this whirlwind/  If you cool my ambitions/ I’m gonna cut you out,” and verses chronicle Allen’s struggles with dealing with fame, and finding herself drawn to things like drugs, parties, and casual sex.

With the title of her upcoming album being No Shame, it’s not surprising that Allen is tackling issues of her past unashamed. It appears she’s changing her ways, from the song’s clever chorus “Everyone’s a trigger, bang bang, bang bang bang,” to later line “Goodbye bad bones, I’ve got bigger plans.”

Watch the music video for “Trigger Bang” below and download and stream the track here.

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