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Watch: Titus Makin – ‘Suicide’ Music Video

Titus Makin has returned with a music video for his new single ‘Suicide,’ the third from his upcoming EP Lean. Both the song and its video are infectious — and the video’s sleek style is even more impressive considering it was directed by 17 year-old filmmaker Jake Williams.

In the song, Makin confronts the addiction humans have to the concept of love. The track is full of interesting parallels, contrasting arguably one of the most joyful emotions — love — with thoughts of suicide. The video furthers these contrasts with its equally bright and dark color palette, with highly saturated shots that run both hot and cool.

Makin’s voice is as sweet as honey, resulting in a track that would sound more than at home on the Top 40. Explaining the creative process behind the song, written with Aaron Kellim, Makin said, “‘It’s feeling like you can’t get a grip of anything that’s happening in your life due to being consumed by a dangerous love. We wanted the viewer to feel like they’re spinning out of control, in confusion until you can stop, find grounding, and realize what’s happening.”

Watch ‘Suicide’ below, download it on iTunes, and stream it on Spotify. To keep up with Titus Makin, visit his official website.


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