Ava Max Reminds Us We Aren’t Alone During Quarantine with ‘Kings and Queens’

New Music Video is the perfect pop pick-me-up

“You might think I’m weak without a sword…but if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours.” That’s all you really need to know to be sold on Ava Max’s new single, ‘Kings & Queens.’ The song, and its newly released music video make social distancing and self-isolating a little easier, offering a brief respite full of dancing, royalty, and clever lyrics.

Ever since she burst on the scene with ‘Sweet But Psycho’, Max has been pumping out enjoyable pop music steadily. Songs like ‘So Am I’ and ‘Torn’ have paved the path for a pop princess continuing to rise, but with ‘Kings & Queens,’ Max fully ascends her throne, letting everyone know she’s ready to be pop royalty. In a world of pop music that feels pretty void of stars like years ago when Rihanna, Gaga, and Katy were pumping out music at light speed, Ava Max is a worthy successor to the title of pop’s new ‘it’ girl.

Max’s songs, especially ‘Kings & Queens’ strike a beautiful balance of being palatable pop music for the masses while still invoking a signature style and flair that is her own. Her vocals on the choruses remain strong and powerful — perfect for a track about female empowerment — while choruses are more subdued. The video, likewise, features powerful imagery of swords and royalty, male ‘queens’, chess and rocking guitar solos. Max embraces the status quo just long enough to flip it on its head, using mainstream methods to trickle in her eccentric flavor.

Watch ‘Kings & Queens’ below and have a dance party in your room. And don’t forget to wash your hands.

Written by Sam

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