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Listen: Kerli – ‘Savages’

Kerli’s New Single was well worth the wait…but can we have the album now?!

Call me insatiable, but there’s never a time I don’t want to hear new Kerli music. It’s been a long time leading up to the release of her latest single, ‘Savages’ — but thankfully fans will find the new track worth the wait. With it, comes the news that a new album is around the corner as well; Shadow Works is slated for a February release. The great news comes as a hopeful sign that the drought is over (and considering it’s been a few years with only a handful of Kerli songs seeing the light of day, there’s no time like the present!)

With Shadow Works being Kerli’s first independent album, funded by fans on Pledge Music, it’s no surprise she took the time to make it a memorable one. ‘Savages’ harkens back to the early Love is Dead days, mixing them with the delicious signature bubblegoth vibes of Utopia. It’s quintessential Kerli; eerie vocals, a brooding beat, and lyrics that are imaginative and mysterious, much like Kerli herself.

” I walk barefoot on a field of swords, You have mastered the art of cruelty” Kerli sings about her sadistic lover, swearing to never dance with this devil again (but soon after lamenting about their savage love-making.)

‘Savages’ is a rather light song lyrically — featuring two verses, a pre-chorus and a chorus but no bridge. Would the song be better with a bit more lyrical meat on its bones? Perhaps, but it’s still got a rhythm and flow to it that makes for pleasant listening. Kerli is rarely the artist who follows a cookie-cutter mold, and when she defies conventions, it’s for good reason. ‘Savages’ is a careful and deliberate track, one that seeps with darkness (and Kerli’s visuals seem to match!) Given independent control over her sound and image, Kerli manages to come into her own, with music and visuals that both intrigue and inspire.

Listen to ‘Savages’ below on Youtube, and download the song here.


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