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Listen: Lana Del Rey – ‘Summer Bummer’ and ‘Groupie Love’

Singer releases new songs with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

Lana Del Rey has released two new songs from her upcoming album Lust For Life, and both tracks feature A$AP Rocky. The self-proclaimed Gangsta Nancy Sinatra has taken a step further to infuse her dreamy-dark pop sound with some hip-hop/rap. A pulsating and grinding beat permeates ‘Summer Bummer’ as Del Rey sings about an undercover lover during a summer escape. The real delight of this song comes near the bridge, as Del Rey sings more traditionally than the rest of the track’s trance-like state. The track is good, but considering its 4:19 runtime, there’s a lot of redundancy here that seems somewhat unnecessary. Should it be a single, a radio edit would easily fix this and get the track to shine.

‘Groupe Love’ is more traditionally Lana Del Rey with a dreamy production and imaginative lyrics that both paint a picture and tell a love story. While this track would be right at home on Lana’s past albums, it also feels like a nice progression from Honeymoon.

Del Rey’s sound has evolved, and it’s apparent on this track. Her voice is resplendent and even restrained at times, showing a true care and craft in her vocal performance. It’s this evolution that takes the track to a new level — while her past songs were wonderful, some of them would have been better if sang with less of an affected voice. ‘Groupie Love’ proves this.

Should Lust For Life have more songs like ‘Groupie Love,’ Lana Del Rey will surely please her fans with her best release yet.

Pre-order Lust For Life here.

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