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Music Video: Greer – ‘Satisfy’

Greer has released his first music video for his newest track, ‘Satisfy.’ When an artist releases their first music video, it can be hard to tell what to expect. With Greer’s past songs, like Hardcore, Deal With The Devil, and Blow Your Mind all being sexually-charged and proper bangers, expectations for Greer’s first video would be high. To keep with this theme, the video for ‘Satisfy’ starts off with a night vision camera alluding to a Paris Hilton-style sex tape.

Maybe I’ve been so exposed to pop music’s explicit shenanigans that I’ve been desensitized to the salaciousness of the night vision camera, but I actually found it a humorous opening. The video uses the night vision effect sparingly and for good measure. The overall sleekness of the video comes from its other shots, as Greer makes his way around town, to the shower, and eventually to the bedroom. The video’s lighting, composition and framing are all done superbly. Blues and purples bathe the more intimate scenes, setting the mood with every shadow and camera pan. Director J.R. knows his stuff and makes Greer shine on the screen.

The song itself is quite in step with the rest of Greer’s offerings so far, albeit a bit more restrained. This creates a great sense of tension between the song and the video. Past songs were more blunt in their lyrics, and with a video like this it would’ve walked a tightrope of being overly explicit. ‘Satisfy’ leaves just enough to the imagination, and the video fills that gap marvelously so that the watcher knows exactly what Greer is planning to get up to.

Hands down, Greer’s first music video is a sign that the singer is on the rise. There’s a level of polish and careful attention put into the ‘Satisfy’ video, and that’s exciting. Here’s hoping his future album and other videos keep getting even better. Watch the video below.

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