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Listen: Greer – “Blow Your Mind”

Few male singers have the guts to release unabashed, fun, dance-worthy pop music. Why? Probably because a male in the pop landscape walks a tightrope of being taken seriously or being a caricature. There’s very few male artists that can make this type of music and have the result not be laughable; Simon Curtis being one of the best, and even he fights an uphill battle to enter the mainstream. As negative as it sounds, female vocalists dominate the dance music world for good reason; it is best suited to them.

Enter 19-year-old Bostonian, Greer, and his new single “Blow Your Mind”. This isn’t a pop song dressed up with acoustic guitars and an “indie” sound to appeal to the masses. “Blow Your Mind” is proud of its sexual synths and cleverly provocative lyrics. Greer’s vocal prowess isn’t quite up to the level of the aforementioned Simon Curtis, but considering he is just 19, this can easily be overlooked. Greer has real potential on “Better Than You”, and as he and his voice mature, he’ll find which of his vocal stylings work best with each other on a track. Unlike other male pop artists that lack real vocal talent and hide behind overproduced beats, Greer can truly sing; with continued diligence, patience and effort, he has the potential to make wonderfully unforgettable music.

Listen to “Blow Your Mind” below, and you’ll quickly add it to your summer jams playlist (and your sex playlist, if you have such a thing.) While “Blow Your Mind” isn’t entirely mind-blowing, it’s almost there, and it is most certainly a solid and wonderful start for Greer — making him an artist to watch.

Keep up with Greer on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.

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